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"those moans and groans ended abruptly last year after I installed my first mole chasing device. It was so effective that I bought another one ..." read our Guestbook

Welcome to Comma Projects International

Get rid of pests in a safe, environmentally friendly way with ultrasonic pest control devices from Comma Projects in Cape Town, South Africa.

We’d like to welcome you to trouble-free living by chasing away insects, rodents, pest birds and lots more in a non-lethal way.

Pest Control

Say good-bye to:

  • insects like cockroaches, spiders, fleas and ants
  • rodents like mice, rats and moles
  • larger animals like cats, dogs and other (wild) animals
  • pest birds like pigeons, starlings and sparrows

Keep them out of your home, office, shop or garden! These ultrasonic devices don’t kill but make it annoying for these pests to stay, causing them to move elsewhere. Our pest control devices are safe for you and your family and pets.

Door Alarms

Battery operated door alarms that are ideal for garden sheds, garages and Wendy houses. They’ll quickly let you know when someone is intruding in your space.

Health Devices

Breathing healthy air is as essential to our bodies as making sure that our bodies can detoxify themselves properly.

NB - Our prices include postage within South Africa. Outside South Africa is for your own account.