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Pest Control

Eco-friendly Ultrasonic Pest Control

You do have unwanted critters invading your home, office, shop, restaurant or lodge? Chase them away safely by using ultrasonic sound waves, that cause an annoyance to the creature that encourages them to move away. It is non-lethal pest control. There are a variety of devices for different animals, birds and insects.

Products available in our store:

  • CP-2001 Sonic Bird Chaser
  • CP-919 Ultrasonic Pest Repeller (mice, rats, cockroaches, etc.)
  • CP-927 Ultrasonic Dual Speak Animal Repeller (geckos, rats, roaches, etc.)
  • CP-212 Ionfresher Air Purifier
  • CP-937CD (Wild) Animal Chaser
  • CP-968 Mice, Rats & Cockroach Control
  • CP-977 Ultrasonic Dog Chaser
  • CP-987S Ultrasonic Animal Away
  • CP-997R Mole Chaser

How to order Pest Control Devices

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  • Change the quantity (if required)
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What happens next?

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